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Afternoon Movies - Schedule


The films will be screened starting at 2:00 pm. To view the films you have to register at the front desk of the American Embassy Information Resource Center (IRC), or send an e-mail providing your name and movie to at least two days prior to the screening day.

  • Episode 2: "THE GIFT" - Courtesy of Public Broadcasting Service (PBS)
    Episode 2: "THE GIFT" | Tuesday April 3, 2012 | Running Time: 120 Minutes

    Synopsis: Ken Burns's exhaustive series explores the haughtiness of the "Jazz Age" -- 1917 to 1924. During this time when jazz flourished, unparalleled prosperity across the country created an atmosphere ripe for flappers, gangsters, speakeasies, and all-around good times. Burns introduces viewers to the most important figure in jazz, Louis Armstrong. After surviving a fatherless childhood in the roughest part of New Orleans, Armstrong grew up to become the first true jazz soloist and influence the course of jazz for decades to come. Burns also moves the focus of his documentary from New Orleans to Chicago, where Armstrong joins his mentor King Oliver and the two artists influence a new generation of musicians, white and black alike. Viewers get to know the young Duke Ellington as he heads for Harlem, the brilliant arranger Fletcher Henderson, and the most popular bandleader of the day, Paul Whiteman, who created the first truly commercial version of jazz. 

  • Episode 9: "The Adventure" - Courtesy of Public Broadcasting Service (PBS)
    Episode 9: "The Adventure" | Tuesday April 24, 2012 | Running Time: 120 Minutes

    Synopsis: In the late 1950s, America's postwar prosperity continues, but beneath the surface run currents of change. Families are moving to the suburbs, watching television has become the national pastime, and baby boomers have begun coming of age. For jazz, it is also a period of transition when old stars like Billie Holiday and Lester Young will burn out while young talents arise to take the music in new directions.