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Job Opportunities


Closing Date of The Position: November 17, 2014


The US Embassy is seeking an individual for the position of Political Assistant in the Political/Economic Section.


Inform Political/Economic Officers of current political situation, providing historical perspective and potential future impact. Analyze events and trends and their impact on the political situation. Provide access to the best sources of information by developing and maintaining key contacts in government, non-government organizations and the private sector. Facilitate communication between Political/Economic Officers and key sources of information. Enable the section to receive the maximum amount of information and contact development by representing the Embassy at political meetings and events and reporting analysis thereof. In the absence of the Protocol Assistant, perform duties as called upon by the Front Office.


Management and Protocol:


Serve as back-up to the Protocol Assistant as necessary.


Report, analyze, and advise:


Advise Political/Economic Officers on, and provide analysis of, pending legislation, policy decisions, political events, and legal issues.

Monitor local media, follow current developments and seek information from Embassy contacts in government, non-governmental organizations and the private sector. Report regularly to political/economic officers on significant developments in political issues and current affairs.

Research issues of interest for the political/economic section, with particular focus on data needed for mandatory reports. Compile data, write assigned sections and assist with preparation of annual reports. Respond to any additional questions from Washington regarding mandatory reports.

Monitor, research and maintain files on issues concerning human rights, religious freedom, narcotics, labor, and international organizations. Analyze events and trends regarding these issues. Develop host government, international organization, private sector, and NGO contacts related to these issues and provide updates for annual reports and periodic cables.

Research and prepare biographic data of government officials and other key contacts in consultation with Political/Economic Officer and other locally employed staff.

Update political sections of country reports and guides.

Attend conferences, meetings, sessions of Parliament and other political events in order to analyze and report on current state of affairs.

Provide back-up for other Political Assistant.


Facilitate access and communication:


Arrange for meetings with relevant officials and attend with Political and Economic Officers as requested. Take notes and report on meetings.

Develop and maintain contacts with government officials and non-governmental organizations to facilitate meetings and ensure that Political/Economic Officers have current information and access to key officials.

Prepare diplomatic notes.

Interpret government proceedings for Political/Economic Officers. Interpret for official visitors, including congressional delegations. Translate political documents for political/economic officers.

Support visiting United States government officials by identifying appropriate local contacts, organizing meeting schedules, facilitating logistics and accompanying visiting officials, as requested.

Maintain list of political contacts for official functions. Greet official visitors and guests at Embassy events for the political/economic section.




All applicants must address each selection criterion detailed below with specific and comprehensive information supporting each item.

  1. Education: University degree is required. Preferred fields include Law, Political Science, Sociology, History or Economics.

  2. Prior Work Experience: Minimum four years of professional work experience in law and international Affairs required.

  3. Language proficiency: Level IV (fluent) in English and Kiswahili (speaking, writing and reading) is required.

  4. Knowledge: Required in-depth knowledge of the function of the Tanzanian government, key NGOs, and International Organizations. Must use and develop an extensive network of contacts.

  5. Skills and Abilities: Good interpersonal skills, use of prudence and good judgement in discussion with high-level officials. Rapid translation skills ability to summarize large quantities of information. Effective use of computer skills for word processing, email, and other office tasks. Strong writing skills in English.



When fully qualified, US Citizen Eligible Family Members (USEFMs) and US Veterans are given preference. Therefore, it is essential that the candidate specifically address the required qualifications above in the application.


  1. Management will consider nepotism/conflict of interest, budget, and residency status in determining successful candidacy.


Interested candidates for this position must submit the following for consideration of the application:

  1. Universal Application for Employment as a Locally Employed Staff or Family Member (DS-174). A hard copy of the application form (DS-174) is also available at the American Embassy, gate 3; or

  2. A combination of both; i.e. Sections 1 -24 of the UAE along with a listing of the applicant’s work experience attached as a separate sheet; or

  3. A current resume or curriculum vitae that provides the same information found on the UAE (see section 3A below for more information); plus

  4. Candidates who claim US Veterans preference must provide a copy of their Form DD-214 with their application. Candidates who claim conditional US Veterans preference must submit documentation confirming eligibility for a conditional preference in hiring with their application.

  5. Any other documentation (e.g., essays, certificates, awards) that addresses the qualification requirements of the position as listed above.


3A. If an applicant is submitting a resume or curriculum vitae, s/he must provide the following information equal to what is found on the UAE.

Failure to do so will result in an incomplete application.

    A. Position Title
    B. Position Grade
    C. Vacancy Announcement Number (if known)
    D. Dates Available for Work
    E. First, Middle, & Last Names as well as any other names used
    F. Date and Place of Birth
    G. Current Address, Day, Evening, and Cell phone numbers
    H. U.S. Citizenship Status (Yes or No) & status of permanent U.S. Resident (Yes or No; if yes, provide number)
    I. U.S. Social Security Number and/or Identification Number
    J. Eligibility to work in the country (Yes or No)
    K. Special Accommodations the Mission needs to provide
    L. If applying for position that includes driving a U.S. Government vehicle, Driver’s License Class / Type
    M. Days available to work
    N. List any relatives or members of your household that work for the U.S. Government (include their Name, Relationship, & Agency, Position, Location)
    O. U.S. Eligible Family Member and Veterans Hiring Preference
    P. Education
    Q. License, Skills, Training, Membership, & Recognition
    R. Language Skills
    S. Work Experience
    T. References


American Embassy
Human Resources Office
P.O. Box 9123
Dar es Salaam


Telephone: (255-22)229 4000, Ext: 4137/4148/4233/4024
Fax: (255-22)229 4726



An Equal Opportunity Employer.


The US Mission in Tanzania provides equal opportunity and fair and equitable treatment in employment to all people without regard to race, color religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, political affiliation, marital status, or sexual orientation. The Department of State also strives to achieve equal employment opportunity in all personnel operations through continuing diversity enhancement programs.

The EEO complaint procedure is not available to individuals who believe they have been denied equal opportunity based upon marital status or political affiliation. Individuals with such complaints should avail themselves of the appropriate grievance procedures, remedies for prohibited personnel practices, and/or courts for relief.

Application Form

  • Click here to download application form (DS-174) (PDF 640KB)

    (Required Application Form to be completed for all vacancies)